Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Special Guest Post by New Contributor, Jocelyn Geboy

Jocelyn is the events coordinator for CHIRP Radio -- another excellent cause! She and I met at a CHIRP event and got to talking about our love of Conan and now she has offered to contribute to this blog. Here is the first, of what I hope will be many, posts by Ms. Jocelyn Geboy.

It has been insinuated that Chicago doesn't have the celebrity cred it takes to maintain a first-class talk show -- the kind that Conan is worthy of and deserves; that celebrities are living in L.A. and N.Y., and don't spend their time in the Midwestern confines of Chicago. First, let the record be set straight: Chicago is a world-class city. It always has been and always will be. From our hosting the World's Fair back in the day and our bidding for the Olympics last year, Chicago has always been in the company of giants. Secondly, we have plenty of celebrities/musicians who make Chicago their home base, come here to make films and attend premieres, and we produced the current President of the United States! Lastly, and perhaps most importantly from a practical standpoint, the last time I checked, celebrities/musicians/politicians are not waiting outside the doors of The Tonight Show, Oprah and The Daily Show just waiting for the moment they are to be interviewed. They get on airplanes and do press junkets, hawk books/shows/films, and do interviews/performances. Have fame, will travel. They go to the shows, the shows don't come to them. O'Hare's a hub for many airlines, baby. Oprah's moving out of town, Conan can put them all up in the Drake.


  1. If it were so bad, we wouldn't be a hotspot for location filming for all these big-budget movies? Anyone even remember The Dark Night? Or any movie Vince Vaughn or Jennifer Anniston has been in in the last decade? John and Joan Cusack? Come on now - Chicago is HOME to celebrities too, not just a place for them to visit!

  2. And Conan wants to be the next Oprah!