Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mission Statement

With NBC canceling Conan's show, he will no doubt be looking for a new home and we are looking to ensure that his new home is Chicago!

New York was too late. L.A. was too short. But we think Chicago will be just right for Conan and his masturbating bear! Chicago has what Conan needs -- plenty of stars and plenty of fans. What is lacking is a major network with a local show in place for him. Enter WGN ...

For years WGN and TBS have been battling for supremacy as the cable superstation. TBS has clearly been winning and has recently upped the ante by premiering The George Lopez Show. WGN should counter with an all new late night talk show hosted by Conan O'Brien and brought to you from downtown Chicago (both Block 37 and the Sullivan Center are looking for tenants and could easily provide real views of downtown from a specially built studio).

So until Conan finds a new home it will be the stated goal of 'Chicago Wants Conan' to convince both Conan O'Brien and WGN that his new home should be Chicago!

Join the Facebook group (Chicago Wants Conan) and post your comments here to voice your support.

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