Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reasons Why #2

Here is the second installment of the infinite series, 'Reasons Why'.

Our beaches. That's right, after leaving sunny south California, we're selling Chicago on the strength of its beaches. But stick with us. Chicago really does have excellent beaches, which are all connected by the lakeshore path and are littered with people during the three warm months we enjoy each summer. With our beaches Conan could finally get a tan! Now, we know what you're thinking -- if he didn't get a tan in L.A. he won't get one here. Well we disagree -- we wouldn't go to the beach in L.A. -- all those paparazzi, all those beautiful bodies: we're just too self-conscious for that. But in Chicago, it's cool, nobody's looking. So as long as we think we look alright, it's OK. So come on Conan, you wanna go play some volleyball with us on North Avenue beach?

Come back soon for more Reasons Why Conan should come to Chicago.

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