Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reasons Why #3

Here is the third installment of the infinite series, 'Reasons Why'.

Andy Richter is from Chicago. Of course when we say 'Chicago Wants Conan', what we really mean is that we want everyone to come: Conan, Andy, Max, and if it's possible, can Joel come too? We love all you guys and want you to come here. Luckily, Andy can tell you how great Chicago is and can show you around when you get here. He's from a small town southwest of Chicago called Yorkville. And here's a little bit of trivia for you, which Andy may not have told you, he was prom king back in high school. Anyway, after prom, he came to Chicago and studied at Columbia College and performed in the Annoyance Theater before taking of for New York! So you see, coming to Chicago and starting a show here would really be like a homecoming of sorts. Just one more reason to come here!

Come back soon for more Reasons Why Conan should come to Chicago.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reasons Why #2

Here is the second installment of the infinite series, 'Reasons Why'.

Our beaches. That's right, after leaving sunny south California, we're selling Chicago on the strength of its beaches. But stick with us. Chicago really does have excellent beaches, which are all connected by the lakeshore path and are littered with people during the three warm months we enjoy each summer. With our beaches Conan could finally get a tan! Now, we know what you're thinking -- if he didn't get a tan in L.A. he won't get one here. Well we disagree -- we wouldn't go to the beach in L.A. -- all those paparazzi, all those beautiful bodies: we're just too self-conscious for that. But in Chicago, it's cool, nobody's looking. So as long as we think we look alright, it's OK. So come on Conan, you wanna go play some volleyball with us on North Avenue beach?

Come back soon for more Reasons Why Conan should come to Chicago.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Reasons Why #1

With apologies to Stephen Colbert, this is the first installment of an infinite series called, 'Reasons Why'. Throughout this series we will highlight Reasons Why Chicago should be the new home of Conan O'Brien. Let's get right down to it.

The first reason that Conan O'Brien should come to Chicago is ...US! That's right -- you, me, him, her, them, and those guys over there. We are the reason that Conan should come to Chicago. We stood in lines wrapped around the block for the entire week he was here in 2006. We rallied for him outside NBC tower during the 'I'm with Coco' campaign. And we are the first, and still the only, city to be actively campaigning for Conan to come to our city! Now we don't think that we are entitled to anything for these action and we don't want to sound too full of ourselves -- and we're not, we're a 'Midwest Nice' sort of group, but we think these actions speak pretty loudly -- we're a pretty nifty group and we think Conan should join us.

Come back soon for more Reasons Why Conan should come to Chicago.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to get involved

As mentioned, today was a busy day. 'Chicago Wants Conan' got noticed today and if you're looking for a way to help us get Conan's attention, here are a few things you can do.

1) Join the Facebook group if you haven't already, if you are already a member invite your friends!
2) Post a comment on the Facebook group wall, on this blog, on the Chicagoist article, or on the Huffington Post article (links on left side of your screen).
3) Vote for the 'Chicago Wants Conan' t-shirt phrase on TypeTees (link on left side of screen).
4) If you are skilled at Photoshop, Gimp, or other graphics software contact us for ways you can help.
5) If you are interested in becoming an officer of the Facebook group or being a contributor to this blog contact us.

We are thrilled at the outpouring of support we've seen today. Let's keep the support coming and make this thing happen!

Our Grand Coming Out

Wow! Thanks Tankboy for the notice on Chicagoist; it has kicked off quite a great day for the 'Chicago Wants Conan' cause.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Chicagoist link on the left side of your screen. This story made for a very busy afternoon, with the Huffington Post and others commenting on and linking to the original Chicagoist article.

This could be the start of something big! Keep coming back for more and pass the word along!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Calling Conan

Conan, do you remember those awesome shows you did here back in 2006? Do you remember how we lined up around the block to get in? Did you see the 'I'm With Coco' rally we held here last week? Chicago is behind you!

And Chicago is totally with it. Don't listen to those people that call us 'fly-over country'. We've got culture here and we've got stars! Stars like practically every SNL cast member, Vince Vaughn, the Cusacks, Bill Murray and a whole bunch more. Plus you'll never have trouble finding a musical guest with Wilco, Andrew Bird, Rise Against, Steve Albini, and a whole bunch of Chicago Bluesmen calling Chicago home.

We are not going to rest until you are in Chicago with a new show all your own ... or until you break our hearts by going elsewhere. You don't want to break our hearts do you? Of course not, because you love us just as much as we love you, so come to Chicago!

Mission Statement

With NBC canceling Conan's show, he will no doubt be looking for a new home and we are looking to ensure that his new home is Chicago!

New York was too late. L.A. was too short. But we think Chicago will be just right for Conan and his masturbating bear! Chicago has what Conan needs -- plenty of stars and plenty of fans. What is lacking is a major network with a local show in place for him. Enter WGN ...

For years WGN and TBS have been battling for supremacy as the cable superstation. TBS has clearly been winning and has recently upped the ante by premiering The George Lopez Show. WGN should counter with an all new late night talk show hosted by Conan O'Brien and brought to you from downtown Chicago (both Block 37 and the Sullivan Center are looking for tenants and could easily provide real views of downtown from a specially built studio).

So until Conan finds a new home it will be the stated goal of 'Chicago Wants Conan' to convince both Conan O'Brien and WGN that his new home should be Chicago!

Join the Facebook group (Chicago Wants Conan) and post your comments here to voice your support.